Sunday, July 31, 2011

I discover I may be old, cynical, and surprisingly, not even a tiny bit romantic

Dear super attractive blond twenty-something couple in matching hip white outfits,

Congratulations on your trip to the Eiffel Tower on Sunday. We're sure it capped a very romantic holiday in Paris, based on the amount of time you spent making out with each other while we were all waiting in line to reach the Tower's top floor.

Although it was kind of you to provide us with such an entertaining show, we'd like to point out that there is nothing romantic about being herded like cattle in extremely close quarters. So save the smooching for the top floor, or -- maybe, just maybe -- some place a little less public.

Better yet, have an actual conversation with each other. In 15 years, you'll probably appreciate having something in common other than the space that your tongues once jointly occupied.


Elizabeth and Eliza

(who were too polite to take your picture, despite the ample opportunities you gave us during the 30 minutes we were behind you).

The Eiffel Tower. Apparently if Ryan were here,
along with a few thousand other tourists, it would be terribly romantic.

The view you'll see from the top (the Arc de Triomphe is in there somewhere). Provided you aren't too absorbed in someone else's face at that time.

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