Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Live from Abbey Road: Why am I here?

Many people who know me are aware that my parents forgot to teach me about the Beatles. (Sorry Mom and Dad, but it's true.*) Ryan himself witnessed a particularly nasty incident in which I mixed up the Beatles and Bon Jovi. So Abbey Road didn't really resonate with me, as you can probably tell by my annoyed expression in the photos below. But I know enough fans that I thought I'd post a slideshow from our visit on Wednesday.

To see just how far my ignorance goes, notice that I forgot to take a shot of the Abbey Road sign. I grabbed this one by diluvienne from Flickr:

Abbey Road sign. Photo by diluvienne.

*My father did attempt to correct this oversight in my early 20s after the Bon Jovi incident, giving me the complete Beatles anthology. I am now able to correctly identify a handful of Beatles songs. (As well as a few Bon Jovi ones for altogether separate reasons.)

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