Monday, July 11, 2011

Departing for Dover

Today, Ryan woke up and said "We're going on a train today!" And to think he didn't even grow up being brainwashed by Thomas the Tank Engine.

Ryan checking out the English countryside.

However, it was fairly exciting to head to Victoria Station for the 2-hour train trip to Dover.

And then we arrived in Dover ... which was less than exciting. Every shop closed at 5, and the entire town has the feel of one of those Ohio Rustbelt cities that just hasn't quite figured out what to do with itself in the 21st century. So we entertained ourselves by picking from among the three open pubs (The Prince Albert was the winner), and having a few pints. So now Ryan is "asleep" on the bed and I am ill-advisedly blogging while slightly intoxicated. We are looking forward to viewing Dover Castle on Tuesday, as well as getting a better view of those famous white cliffs!

(Ryan's note: I was merely resting my eyes ...

What Elizabeth wrote about our first impression of Dover is accurate -- there is a certain saddness to it, which was unexpected. But the folks in the pub were friendly enough. The food was tasty. And I tried some local Kenton beer, called Wantsum, which was quite good.)

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