Sunday, July 10, 2011

Packing mishaps

Rick Steves said that no one regrets what they don't pack. I disagree.

After seven days in London, I admit -- I brought too much. But I also didn't bring the right stuff for London, which I guess is what happens when you go off a generic checklist that should work for any trip.

So for my Florida State Multimedia classmates who are arriving in London on Thursday, here's what I wish I knew beforehand:
  • The weather here has been closer to a Midwestern September, in my opinion. Seventy-one degrees just isn't that warm when you're used to 95-degree days in July. I had to buy a fleece and a heavier jacket because it is too cold in just a cardigan and windbreaker. A sweatshirt might not be remiss either.
  • Bring lots of things you can layer to adjust for changing temperatures during the day. It's cool in the morning and any time the clouds block the sun (and they often do).
  • Women here seem to frequently wear blazers or medium-weight jackets at night. A denim jacket would be perfect, and I dreadfully miss the one hanging in my closet at home.
  • Pants are definitely the way to go (shorts are for tourists, as Professor Everhart mentioned earlier). I haven't worn shorts at all, and have only worn capris once.
  • Make sure your jackets are weatherproof. Windbreakers do OK in these English showers but it's better to have a heavier (even lined) raincoat.  
Perhaps it will warm up after you all arrive. But at the very least, make sure you have options to layer or be prepared to buy what you need when you arrive.

Me at the Roman Baths on Friday in Bath. It was rainy and cold most of the day. Clothing involved: T-shirt, long-sleeved T-shirt, fleece, scarf, lightweight raincoat. I wanted to buy gloves, but thought my husband might not agree to be seen with me.

Full disclosure: I am one of those people who wear jeans and sweaters to air-conditioned places in the summer because I think they're just too cold. So take my advice with that in mind.

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  1. That's great advice Elizabeth! I tried to keep in mind how much cooler it would be here and I still didn't bring the right stuff. Oh well- it's hard to really understand the temperature difference when the town you're leaving from is burning at 105 :)