Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome to York: Join our parade!

We left Scotland on Monday and headed south into England for a trip to historic York. The city smells like lavender, fresh baked bread and a hint of river (but pleasantly so). It was at least 5 degrees warmer when we arrived around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon. Although it cooled off later in the evening, it was nice to be without our coats for just a little while (I am so thoroughly sick of seeing pictures of me in that green rain jacket).

In the beautiful York train station. The green jacket hadn't come off yet.

The city of York - which still shows remnants of its Roman and Norman histories - is celebrating the 800th anniversary of its charter this year. We wandered around for a few hours before coming across a small yet noisy parade. Turns out July 9 was the actual date the charter was signed, and fully costumed individuals representing city leaders paraded past the York Minster along with a marching band and a choir. The church bells pealed for a least a half hour as part of the festivities - once one set stopped, another church's seemed to start.

The start of the parade at the York Minster.

The crowd outside the cathedral. 

Everyone was searching for the best view of the parade props.

The parade participants stood at attention while waiting for the church bells to quiet down. The townspeople followed them to the town center.

Photo of the day: 

The River Ouse as twilight fell in York.

Sign of the day:  York has a lot of renamed streets. Some appear to have been changed for language or geographic purposes, but others might just have been for political correctness.

A narrow street in York.

Beer of the day: There are a ton of beers local to the area, and Ryan and I each tried one on Monday night at the Exhibition Hotel.

This photo is not as clear as I hoped. But I had the Copper Dragon on the left, while Ryan had the Black Sheep.

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