Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blue skies (briefly) and trains

We ducked into the National Railway Museum in York on Wednesday while waiting to catch our own train back to Glasgow. It was a well-timed excursion just before a torrential downpour that ruined the finest morning we'd seen on the trip, weather wise.

Wow, look at that blue sky! The York Minster early on Wednesday morning.

We only had about 90 minutes to look around the railway museum, but it was enough for us. The main hall contains examples of all different types of trains used around the world over the years, though it focuses mostly on British rail travel. 

The main hall at the National Railway Museum.

Other exhibits include model railroads, the restoration and maintenance process for the cars on display, and a huge collection of paraphernalia associated with rail travel, such as signs, stained glass from the cars, station building models, china from dining cars, and training equipment. And of course, there was a ton of Thomas the Tank Engine stuff available to purchase in the museum store.

A few of the items on display in the museum's Warehouse.

The museum also has perhaps the greatest name ever for a museum library: Search Engine.

Yes, the weather really was that bad: A headline on one of the newspapers on Wednesday.

And we know newspapers never overstate weather stories.

Sign of the day: Just found this one from York amusing.

Photo of the day: Ryan got this photo from the train during our return trip to Edinburgh. I have no idea where we were at the time, but the green scenery was just beautiful.

Beer of the day: Last beers of the trip came at Camperdown Place in Glasgow. Tennent's for me, and Greene King Abbot Ale for Ryan. Can't believe those are the last ones!

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