Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cheers, Beers and the End of the World

Friday's highlight wasn't the sight-seeing but the sports watching. We spent the late afternoon at a pub to watch the Wimbledon semi-finals featuring Scotsman Andy Murray against Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

And wouldn't you know it? Murray made history, dispatching Tsonga in four sets to become the first man from this island to reach the Wimbledon finals since good ol' Bunny Austin in 1938.

Elizabeth's reaction mirrors that of the Scots at the O2 Pub in Edinburgh as their countryman made history. 
While it was fun to watch the Scot win while at a pub in his home country, I was a little surprised at the understated reaction when Murray punched his ticket to the finals with a winner on the line. A quick cheer went up and then the pub collectively got back to drinking and playing pool. They actually cheered louder when Tsonga took a shot to the groin in the third set.

Speaking of pubs, that brings us to a new feature: beer of the day. Today's winner -- Brew Dog IPA brewed in Fraserburgh. It's rare that I go for an IPA but this had a lot of taste with a citrusy twist.

Sorry, no pictures of the Brew Dog. This is me with an inferior beer.  

Sign of the Day:
Elizabeth picked this one out. An alley leading to a courtyard or square is sometimes called a "close." And this particular close was next to the famous World's End Pub. The result: Something the Maya would agree with.

That's supposed to be my "Oh, crap" look. 

As for the rest of the day, we experienced Edinburgh Castle. It is beautiful, full of history and offers a spectacular view of the Scottish capital city from 120 meters above sea level. It's also tempting ... to push other tourists off the side of it. Fortunately, a nice Scottish gentleman redeemed our faith in humanity and took a good picture of us.

A battlement with a view. 

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