Thursday, July 5, 2012

Foggy bottoms

Golf, beaches, and ice cream: Apparently, those are the three things for which St. Andrews is known (aside from the university). The weather was a little cool for any beach time (at least for us, although not the crazy people in the picture below), but we can attest that the ice cream is delicious at B. Janetta’s: the creamy caramel fudge was so good we had a cone both days.

I shared my cone with Ryan on Wednesday. I made him get his own today.

The beach, including a group of swimmers. I swear it was  - at most - 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Relishing the dorm life: Our lodgings in St. Andrews were actually in one of the university dorms. They rent out rooms during the summer at New Hall (and let me tell you how much I wish my dorms at Ohio U. had been this nice). Many of the hotels in the city are terribly expensive in summer because of all of the rich golfers, but the dorm was very reasonable and even contained a bar (from which we blogged on Wednesday night).

New Hall was a temporary name assigned when the dorm was built 19 years ago -- only Britain, with its long history, could describe something almost two decades old as "temporary"). In September, the dorm will be renamed Agnes Forbes Blackadder Hall, honoring the school’s first female graduate who went on to become a distinguished dermatologist in London, according to a university news release.

All this brings us to our Sign of the Day:

Really, who isn't?

Photo of the Day:
From the ruins of St. Andrews Cathedral, which fell into disrepair after the Scottish Reformation and reached its current state by the late 1600s. The fog rolled in Wednesday night and remained all day.

Looking through the west entrance of the cathedral toward the remains of the altar. 

Scottish cliche of the day: To be fair, these are undoubtedly tourists, but the argyle golf clothes were on my list. I was actually disappointed when I didn't see any on Wednesday. If only they'd been wearing one of those hats with the little pom-pom on top.

The pants are worse when viewed life-sized. 

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