Monday, July 2, 2012

First impressions from a tired brain

Exhausted is probably the best word to describe us after our first day in Glasgow. We arrived here at 7 a.m. local time (that's 2 a.m. EDT) and have been on the go pretty much ever since. At one point, Ryan fell asleep mid-sentence. Fortunately, we were in our hotel room to change clothes at the time.

Ryan taking a five-minute nap in the hotel room. 

Our trip has not been without a few surprises so far.

Severe climate adjustment: Louisville was a nearly unbearable 100 degrees Fahrenheit when we left on Sunday. The weather is Glasgow when we arrived Monday morning  - 52 degrees Fahrenheit and raining. I have already worn three pairs of shoes today: the flats I wore on the plane, tennis shoes and rain boots (at least this year I was a little more prepared for the cold).

Braving the rain outside the Tenement House, a two-room Victorian flat that contains more than 95 percent of its original furnishings and fittings -- including gas lighting and the original toilet! 

Language barrier: While they do speak English here, it's not always easy to understand (a combination of the Scots accent, unfamiliar words, and the speed at which the residents talk.) There have been a few times when I've just nodded and hoped that I supplied the right answer. But apparently we're not the only ones who feel this way:

Article from the 2 July 2012 morning edition of Metro (p. 9).

Hours until the first kilt sighting: Six.


The brow is universal: To our great surprise, the first question from our superb host at the guest house was about Anthony Davis. Ted is a huge NBA fan and brought up "the brow" as the only thing he knows about Kentucky. It seems that one-and-done players are just fine for building a worldwide brand. And clearly, no matter where I go, I will never completely escape UK basketball.

Anthony Davis (Photo by Dennis Adair/Flickr)

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