Monday, June 13, 2016

Sign of the day: The Irish are fascinated by Americans' fascination with Trump

When we are waiting for the bus, Irish people ask us about Trump. When we go to the pub, people ask about Trump. When we are taking a taxi, the driver asks about Trump. When we are on the bus, riders ask us about Trump.

Apparently, the U.S. presidential election already has inspired a major academic lecture at Dublin's Trinity University. And it was called "Stumped." (That would make a great name for the musical too).

Notice that the lecture was sponsored by the Bram Stoker Club? So clearly, the rest of the world sees this campaign as being a horror show.

Postscript: No, I did not attend this lecture. The Irish aren't great at being specific about when events happen. You'll note that the poster says the lecture is "Wednesday – 3 PM." I went back to look it up, and it, in fact, happened Wednesday, April 6

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  1. When my friend Holly visited Ireland in the early 2000s, locals did the same thing with George W. Bush. Everywhere she went, people asked about him (and for us not to vote for him). It's interesting that Europeans are seemingly more engaged in American politics than many Americans.