Monday, June 13, 2016

Sign of the Day: Beware of Dog Monsters

The Irish are really not taking any crap – from dogs. They are serious about people cleaning up after them, which I'm all for.

But this sign from outside Coole Park, homestead of Lady Augusta Gregory, might be the most intense warning to dog owners I've ever seen that goes waaaaaaaay beyond poop scooping.

I don't know what kind of dogs they have in Ireland or around Coole Park (Fractured bones?!?!! Terrified adults?!?!!? Wounded joggers?!?!!?)

We have not seen any bone-breaking, toddler terrifying dog monsters yet. Just lots of happy cows and sheep lounging in pastures. But I will keep you posted.

(Hat tip: to Hannah Hite and Harley Engle, who spotted the sign and called it to my attention.)

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