Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Searching for underwear in Rome

FROM RYAN: Our trip did not get off to the greatest start. A maintenance issue in Louisville caused our flight to New York to be delayed nearly three hours. That meant we touched down at JFK at precisely the moment our plane to Rome was supposed to take off.

Delta was able to get us booked onto a later flight, and we got to Rome two hours later than planned. Our two checked bags did not. We don't want to disparage Delta too much ... until we get our bags back. They say that should be sometime Tuesday night (fingers crossed). As of the time this post is published, that hasn't happened yet.

Tags without bags.
Needless to say, it has been a bit of an inconvenience. I've gone two days without shaving, for instance. I am wearing women's deodorant. Elizabeth has no contact lens solution. The Italian toothpaste we bought tastes like Elmer's glue with a hint of mint. On the bright side, Elizabeth got to go shopping on Delta's dime. She didn't have an extra change of clothes in her carry-on bag. So we started our Roman holiday in search of underwear.

You might have to get used to seeing us in these clothes. 

Thank goodness for the Italian department store OVS. We will be making a return trip if the bags don't arrive soon.

- Ryan

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