Thursday, June 19, 2014

A million ways not to walk in Rome

Now that my luggage has arrived and I am in a slightly less irritable mood, it's time to begin blogging for real. We walked around Villa Borghese on Wednesday morning before visiting the Galleria Borghese museum in the afternoon.

Being a big fan of people watching, I was struck by just how many different modes of transportation are available to traverse the public park's 148 acres. Most of these are aimed at tourists of course, and there seem to be plenty of people willing to pay.

These electronic touring carts were quite popular. The pedals seem to connect to a motor. A few drivers didn't seem to have the proper "licensing", leading to a lot of apologetic waves from their parents. 
A pair of tourists using Segways and a trio of ladies in a touring cart. 

Are these Go-Karts? There were one and two person varieties. This vendor also rented bikes. 

OK, you technically can't rent these. But the police do make rounds on horseback.

Personally, I think this young man worked out the best deal. 

Our party of five opted for the least tech savvy mode: walking. Thanks to one of Ryan's "shortcuts," I think we covered nearly every acre of the park, particularly all of the muddy ones.

Kate, Jackie and Tom in sunnier times at Villa Borghese. 
Segway tours also were available at The Colosseum (Rome appears to be a big Segway market). I captured this shot from the facility's upper level; it was one of two Segway tours wrapping up at the time. The idea is a little too futuristic and weird for me. Any minute now, I expect these drones to arrest me for using my brain to form independent thoughts.

Segway tour group zipping around the Colosseum on Tuesday. 

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