Saturday, June 24, 2017

What we ate & drank

We didn't eat nearly as much Southwestern/Mexican food as we feared. But we did try some really interesting things.

Sonorana tacos: Gena took us to a stand in Tucson. As she walked up, she told us it was way nicer than when John first brought her. "They have real windows now," she said. "The walls used to just be corrugated aluminum." Despite the minimalistic surroundings, the hot dogs were pretty good.

For those who are curious, Wikipedia has a basic description of Sonoran hot dogs.

Photo courtesy of Gena. 
I eat about one hot dog a year. This was worth it.

Eegee's: Gena and John also shared their favorite Tucson sweet treat with us and they share the name of the chain, Eegee's. They are similar to Slush Puppies at 7-Eleven, but they are mostly shaved ice with chunks of real fruit (and taste much better).
A Mango Tango Eegee for the road.
Best ballpark treat: Chase Field has the Terraza open on Friday nights and sells Hispanic fare. I had a delicious raspados - mango, crushed iced and lechera (sweetened condensed milk).

Best ballpark deal: It was Taco Tuesday at Petco Park - grilled mahi mahi tacos were two for $5. They were so good that they knocked Seattle's Safeco Field out of the top spot for best ballpark food.

I felt a little guilty for preferring it to GABP fare.

Best named beer: Malicious Journalist at OB Brewing in Ocean Beach. To our dismay, it was an IPA and neither of us was willing to drink it.

Best beer we did try: Wren House Brewing Company's Kolsch.

The best thing we ate (and perhaps the best thing I've ever eaten that wasn't cooked by my grandmother): The dative relleno from Cafe Sevilla in San Diego. This tapas dish consisted of medjool dates filled with cabrales blue cheese and wrapped in bacon. No description could do them justice.

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